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Kodiak 3Whey™ Triple Complex Protein – Product Review

Kodiak 3Whey™ Triple Complex Protein

Kodiak 3Whey™ Triple Complex Protein – Product Review

I tend to be really upfront with supplementation that I use. And unlike paid product reviews, this is a 100% unpaid unsolicited product review. But I personally feel that this by far is a superior product in comparison to other Whey Protein Blends. Being a strength based athlete for more than 20 years. I have consumed a lot of protein shakes over the years!

So lets just dive into what matters most – The protein blend

3 grams Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides – This form of whey is predigested, which results in faster absorption and release of amino acids into the blood stream. This rapidly stimulates muscle protein synthesis when consumed after exercise. Absorption begins about 15 minutes after ingestion and is studied to continue for over an hour.

12.5 grams Whey Isolate – WPI is the isolated protein fraction from whey protein concentrate that is 90% pure protein—making it the purest protein source currently available. Absorption begins about 1 hour after ingestion and is studied to continue for up to 1.5 hours

10.5 grams Whey Concentrate – Concentrate contains 80 percent pure protein in addition to a small amount of fat, minerals, and lactose. Because it’s more complete, whey protein concentrate usually has more bioactive components and that add to concentrate’s benefit. Absorption begins about 1 hour after ingestion and is studied to continue for up to 3 hours.

(Above Information is taken from Kodiak Sports Nutrition and Couz- Nutri.com)

I appreciate the fact that Kodiak is 100% upfront of how much whey protein in each serving. The simple fact that it breaks down for you and gives you a breakdown of HWP, WPI and WPC is a stark difference in comparison other supplement companies with their “proprietary blends”.

Why are Protein Blends a better choice?

When you just consume a blend it gives your body a variety of proteins to ingest. I used to believe that WPI was the best form of protein because of it’s fast acting ingestion and if I feed my body protein after a training session, I will get most gains and recovery will be faster.

But lets face it, some of us don’t access to food after training because well we train in between work and supplements just work as an in between meals. I like the idea of meal prep but I don’t like eating reheated frozen food, that is just my preference.

So a Protein blend like Kodiak 3Whey™ Triple Complex Protein really works for because it keeps me satiated for at least 1 to 2 hours until I get back to my office or back home for a proper feed.

So Why is Kodiak 3Whey™ Triple Complex Protein a better protein?

There is a simple explanation for that. I consume about 4500 to 5300 calories a day, that includes supplements, food and a lot more food. On top of all that food I also supplement with psyllium husk powder and probiotics to aid in digestion of my macro/micro nutrients. You want all that food and supplements to be absorbed by your body and used to repair your muscles. Kodiak 3Whey™ Triple Complex Protein has Fibersol®-2 and Protease/Lactase to help with digestion and nutrient absorption.

Below is a brief description on Fibersol®-2 and Protease/Lactase

Fibersol-2 is a digestion-resistant maltodextrin soluble corn fiber that acts as a low-calorie bulking agent containing 90 percent dietary fiber. This patented form of fiber does not effect taste or viscosity and is completely digestion resistant. Fibersol-2 will also help aid in the digestion of the protein.

Protease and lactase help aid in food digestion and absorption. These ingredients (enzymes) may help those individuals who experience nausea, cramping, or bloating when consuming protein.

So why do you need Kodiak 3Whey™ Triple Complex Protein?

Because the good people from Kodiak Sport Nutrition  really SCORED big and a home run on the flavours! From Chocolate Brownie, Snicker Doodle and even Coconut FREAKING DELICIOUS Caramel! Ok I admit, I am not fussy about how my protein tastes because everything in Vanilla is good! Vanilla is a pretty safe flavour for most. And let’s be honest we only buy a certain protein because of the flavour.

But let me try my best to describe how my favourite flavour Coconut Caramel tastes like and this is just in cold water.

First you get a whiff and scent of sweet burnt caramel, none of that chemical taste or smoky scent. It’s just straight up caramel. When you drink it down, it’s then followed by a luxurious creamy texture of fluid, not too thick and not too thin (this is depending on how much water you use). Then you get this sweet lingering after taste of toasted coconut followed by a rather interesting texture. I started to wonder what is this texture in my mouth only to discover that its actually toasted desiccated coconut shavings.

Who would have thought of that, having proper toasted desiccated coconut shavings in a protein shake this was bloody brilliant idea and whoever that thought of this deserves a medal! So do you need this Kodiak 3Whey™ Triple Complex Protein. The answer is DEFINITELY a YES!!!

And you can get your Kodiak  Kodiak 3Whey™ Triple Complex Protein at Couz-Nutri. You are welcome!


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