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In this month’s video… I get to spend some time with the Gym Guys from Fit O’clock Jason and Don through strongman training. You got to see the whole video and have a good laugh!

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Gym Guys Try Strongman

We did the log, axle deadlift and a classic strongman lift the Dinnie Stones. Initially both Jason and Don really struggled with the session because they were completed out of their comfort zone. And the weight was just a little much. Because these two have absolutely no idea what they were in for.

Training for hypertrophy (beautiful symmetrical musculature) and training for strength are similar but the differences are amount of weight, speed and volume that is being lifted.

But strength or being strong is something you earn and work really hard for it. It doesn’t happen overnight but with a lot of time, effort and a lot of work.

As cheesy or painful as the video looks… Jason and Don were really put through the paces and were really “used and abused” during the session. Jason led the challenges but Don put in a good fight with a strong finish with the Dinnie Stones lift (at a scalable lower weight).

Obviously someone had to lose the challenge and the punishment was terrible too. I made Jason do it as I didn’t want to hurt or break Don into half. (he was more than willing to do it).

I do give the both of them props and credit for doing something out of their comfort zone. While strongman does look scary to the normal every day Jane or Joe, everyone can do it. Because everyone starts from some where. Strength is never a weakness!

No humans, models or physique athletes were physically harmed in the making of this video.

In the meantime lift safe and stay injury free

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