Meet Taufiq Strongman

Being the inaugural champion in Singapore’s Strong Man in 2005 and has placed in top 5 positions to present day. He was also crowned Champion in Sabah’s Strongest Man consecutively in 2011 and 2012. In 2013 he also represented Singapore in one of the world’s elite strongman competitions, Strongman Champions League Grand Finals and managed to finish as Asia’s 2nd ranked strongman athlete!

Best international finish in 2018 where he finished 3rd of podium at the Static Monsters World Championships 2018 with a massive axle deadlift of 405kg, setting a new Asia Pacific Strongman record and a 130kg overhead log press. In 2015, Taufiq finished 3rd place on podium in Static Monsters Australia 2015 with the strongest athletes in the Southern Hemisphere, Taufiq also earn himself a spot at Arnold’s Strongman Amateur Championships 2016 in South Africa in May 2016 and finishing in a respectable 10th place out of 20 athletes. And a strong finish to 2016 with a 4th place finish in the Static Monsters Global Rankings.

Being the first Athlete in our region to break the 435kg (957lbs) at the Asia Pacific Deadlift Championships 2019 for the Silver Dollar Deadlift! At the 2018 Asia Pacific Deadlift Championships in Singapore with 370kg deadlift. In 2019, Taufiq is the only Singaporean to compete in Scotland in the Highland Games series and the ONLY Asian and the first Singaporean to be awarded a full lift on the legendary Dinnie Stones at Potarch, Scotland. Come 2020 Taufiq set his sights at the Singapore Track and Field Masters, Highland Games, Stones of Strength World Series and also running strongman competitions again within the region.

He has been active giving back to the Strongman scene in Singapore successfully organizing and running Singapore Strongman Classic 2014 in July. Currently Taufiq is the driving force behind the growth of the sport of strongman in within the region locally as the Technical Director of Singapore Strongman Series running local novice and amateur level competitions since 2014 to present day and serving pro-bono on various committees as Technical Directors for strongman competitions in Brunei, Malaysia and Philippines. Taufiq has truly been an advocate of the sport of Strongman as he continuously urges and pushes the sport to greater heights, exposure and recognition.

However, Taufiq is not all brawn or just an athlete but is also an academic, educator and scholar. Having graduated with a post graduate, Masters of Science in Counselling Psychology specializing in Family and Youth Work, he has been working in social services and education industry since 2003 to present day. Working closely with children, youths-at-risk and their families in preventive and rehabilitative programs, in schools, family and clinical settings. Taufiq has also serves and works closely with ministries and government bodies in social services industry. Currently reading for his Ph.D in Family Ecology and Youths Studies studying on fathering and adolescent behaviour.