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Strongman Podium Finish

Interview with Philippines Strongman Champion 2019 – Carlos Lanzona

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Strongman Federation of Philippines since it started in 2015 and have been involved with them as their advising Technical Director to help them grow the sport of Strongman in Philippines.

In this month’s article I have the utmost pleasure of sitting down with Carlos Lanzona from the Philippines. I’ve worked with him in his past two competitions (actually it was more like abuse). So a week after his incredible and stunning win at the Philippines Strongest Man and Woman 2019. Winning in the Men’s Open category and surpassing 3x Champion Ray Jefferson Querubin and talk about his amazing achievement!

Carlos introduce yourself to the readers and share a bit about yourself.

Hello! I’m Carlos Lanzona, I have been working as a professional cook since 18 years old. I’m currently 25 and I like going to punk gigs, riding a bicycle with my girl and playing Dota2 in my spare time. I also love lifting all heavy things too!

How does it feel to win Philippines Strongest Man 2019 and surpassing Ray Querubin 3x Champion?

Podium Finish
Carlos finishing 1st on Podium

It still is a surreal experience for me. I am still in shock!

I gave myself till 2022 to take a proper shot at that Men’s Open title and winning this year is dope! Surpassed is such a strong term, Ray is a tremendous athlete and a good friend, still someone to watch out for. I’m very sure he will come back and give me a lesson or two. The long arduous journey in truly dominating the national scene is still in progress. Put my head down, work hard grit and never quit.

What’s next for the 2019 Philippines Strongest Man?

Stop competing in Powerlifting and Weightlifting to focus on mastery. I tend to want to do everything and anything. But I need to learn how to focus on one thing at a time. Training on joint health and tendon strength for a few months. Addressing my static strength and try to catch up with the other contenders.

Priority is to stay healthy, stay in the game and outlast everyone. I don’t intend to be a one hit wonder or a flash in a pan (no pun intended). I plan to work hard and be in this sport for a long time.

My spirit animal is a cock roach, because it never dies. I am also helping friends with powerlifting training and am finding that I adore coaching.

I’ve also got an invite to compete in Asia Pacific Deadlift Championships 2020 and hopefully I am able to pull big numbers and finish on podium. Maybe I might be able to push Taufiq Strongman… Just maybe with some luck.

What’s your training programme like?

This year for PSM it has been four times a week twice a day. A good mix of conjugate method and common sense.  In the afternoons I do mostly barbell work, very short rest periods lots of warming up and ridiculous amounts of volume work like how my Uncle Taufiq trained me last year and almost never above 85%. This method has worked out for me pretty well. It’s actually common sense and when I feel like crap, I just focus on accessory work and go for walks.

When I get home from work around midnight from work. I do 100-150 reps of Glute Hamstring Raise variations, facepulls, IYTs, tricep pushdowns, shoulder rehab and maybe abs. All of these exercises are completed in under twenty minutes to keep conditioning up.

4-6 weeks out before the competition I start to touch implements but never heavy always for correcting footing, pickup and transitions for moving events and for 65-80% doubles on static events. Always doubles, I always have Uncle Taufiq in my head shouting at me… “DOUBLES! Doubles! CHIN DOWN!”

What are your weakest events? 

Pressing or anything overhead because I have past shoulder injuries from knocks and tears. I am currently trying to strengthen and overhead events still scare me at times. I also need to catch up on my deadlifts and maybe throwing.

Who are your inspirations or role models if any?

Jim Morrison, Sisyphus from Greek Myths, current World Strongest Man Martins Licis, definitely the amazingly awesome Rob Kearney, Patrick Lim and the whole of crew from Strong Stuff Training Hall and definitely Taufiq Strongman! 

What do you hope for the strongman scene in Philippines?

Moving forward with the Farmer’s Walk

I hope it continues being a no drama and fun filled healthy environment to grow and nurture athletes in. I’m proud to report that Strongman in the Philippines is under one banner and one family. Everyone is supportive, cheering and constantly encouraging each other! I hope it draws more and more crowds in each year and truly be a spectacle worth watching for people as time goes on.

It has been amazing to see foreign athletes competing I hope next time Open competitors come over too and show us what’s up, I welcome defeat every damn day. I think I’ve also learnt to accept that you either win or you learn when it comes to strongman.

️Thanks for your time Taufiq. Much appreciated. Good luck with your own training and competitions.

Follow Carlos on IG – @paomasalamaker.pjx

Thank you Carlos for your time. Once again congratulations on winning the title of Philippines Strongest Man 2019. If you ever are in Manila, make sure to visit Carlos at his restaurant. He cooks a pretty decent meal too and from what I heard anything with masala. In the meantime stay strong, train hard and be injury free!

Gym Guys Try Strongman

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In this month’s video… I get to spend some time with the Gym Guys from Fit O’clock Jason and Don through strongman training. You got to see the whole video and have a good laugh!

Click on video below

Gym Guys Try Strongman

We did the log, axle deadlift and a classic strongman lift the Dinnie Stones. Initially both Jason and Don really struggled with the session because they were completed out of their comfort zone. And the weight was just a little much. Because these two have absolutely no idea what they were in for.

Training for hypertrophy (beautiful symmetrical musculature) and training for strength are similar but the differences are amount of weight, speed and volume that is being lifted.

But strength or being strong is something you earn and work really hard for it. It doesn’t happen overnight but with a lot of time, effort and a lot of work.

As cheesy or painful as the video looks… Jason and Don were really put through the paces and were really “used and abused” during the session. Jason led the challenges but Don put in a good fight with a strong finish with the Dinnie Stones lift (at a scalable lower weight).

Obviously someone had to lose the challenge and the punishment was terrible too. I made Jason do it as I didn’t want to hurt or break Don into half. (he was more than willing to do it).

I do give the both of them props and credit for doing something out of their comfort zone. While strongman does look scary to the normal every day Jane or Joe, everyone can do it. Because everyone starts from some where. Strength is never a weakness!

No humans, models or physique athletes were physically harmed in the making of this video.

In the meantime lift safe and stay injury free


Interview with Coach Rich Thurman

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I’ve known Coach Rich since way back in 2010. I think as an athlete I’ve been very blessed to have gotten to know, work with amazing people and coaches.That time he was more into strength and conditioning as a trainer. He still does coaching and training but his training methodology and philosophy has changed. Mainly by incorporating more natural movements and tools likes mace, club bells and everything else in between.

I had an amazing session with Rich as I take him through the paces of what I do for stability and on a rehab day. In this session we traded training philosophies and different training techniques.

One of the points that we talked about was the importance of showing up and doing your best at competitions. Instead of just achieving PBs at the gym because only lifts at competitions counts. What was interesting was when Coach Rich asked me what I did for a day job… Do catch that bit during the interview.

I really enjoyed this interview / training session because it was pretty chill but we also managed to put in the work. We do hope that you enjoy the

You can also follow Coach Rich Thurman

Follow Coach RT3



Interview with Jiri Tkadlčík

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Interview with Jiri Tkadlčík 

This month’s I had the utmost privilege of speaking with one of the the world’s best Under 105kg Strongman Athletes. And also my good friend Jiri Tkadlčík from Czech Republic! Jiri and myself have known each other for the past three years. We have also crossed paths and competed alongside each other at the Arnolds South Africa and Loket, Czech Republic.

This time he has made the long and arduous journey of flying in to sunny Singapore from the cold winter of Czech Republic! He has also put his name down to compete in the inaugural Asia Pacific Deadlift Championships 2018. Jiri is also the World Record Holder for the Deadlift with a previous record of 382kg successfully attempted in Ukraine in 2017!

The Singapore Experience

In this video, he talks a little bit about the strongman scene in Czech Republic. His new discovery of proper Asian Cuisine and his hopes for himself and the sport in Czech Republic.

We also talked if he would attempt to break his own world record at the Asia Pacific Deadlift Championships in Singapore… He was feeling rather conservative that day!

And of course being good hosts, we brought him and Valerie out and about in Singapore where no tourists would go for the full on local experience.

We hope that you enjoy watching this video as much as we had fun bringing him out in Singapore