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  • Nur Amirul Mukminin Bin Yusree says:

    That’s really inspiring. Stay determined and strong Mr Ahmad Taufiq. Your accomplishments and achievements have made not only your late uncle proud but also inspired and motivate the younger generations to stay strong for what life is about to throw at you. Following your case, my late Mother(actually step mom but her effort to raise me deserve to be called mother than stepmother) passed away on 9 January 2018. It was definitely heartbreaking and it gave my family members sudden breakdowns just by thinking of her including myself. After a few days, I tried my very best to hide my sadness. I started to use my sadness and anger in my training and it resulted into better lifts. From then I realised that the lost loved ones are not leaving you but driving you harder to be better than before.
    Honestly you were the toughest guys out there when you were competing on the day of your late uncle’s death.

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